I get it! Everyone and their cousins have a newsletter.
Why get this one?  Well...

< 1 > It is the only newsletter that teaches you how to navigate your way around the workplace, including how to deal with a difficult colleague or boss, plan your time and manage your tasks, and frame conversations, etc. The SmartLetter shows you how to be professional and do your best work.

< 2 > You'll get answers to those questions you'd rather not ask in public. Just send in your question(s) here and get the guidance you need. We'll keep you anonymous (shh...).

< 3 > The SmartLetter content is exclusive. You won't find it anywhere else on the site.

What you won't get in the SmartLetter is an email every time a post gets published. That is so 2007! Rather, you'll get valuable content and a notification of the latest post so you don't miss a beat (Content + notification = win!).