Why I Chose Squarespace Over WordPress

It is official. I have completely moved from WordPress to Squarespace. I will admit, there is a little sense of loss. WordPress was my first blogging platform. I spent a lot of hours pouring out my soul through the various plugins, themes and content. This feels like a break up. 

If everything was so good and gravy, why did I leave? Two words  - HACKERS and MALWARE. Three months ago, I eagerly logged on to my blog, and instead was directed to various sites. I knew immediately that I had been hacked. After countless hours of worry,  phone calls with customer service and a lot of money (I felt it in my soul), my site was cleaned, I had a security software installed to protect my site and we were back in business. Or so I thought.

A few days ago, I got the dreaded "your site is infected with malware" email. First point of business, call the hosting company to ask why my "awesome" security software isn't working. Long story short, they asked me to upgrade the security software (which did not work) and pay a lot of money to get my site cleaned - AGAIN!

Ladies and gentlemen, at this point I have had enough. I decided to move away from self hosting my site and let someone else worry about all the craziness. I also did not want to spend money without guarantee that I won't be going through this ordeal again in the next three months. So here I am, blogging on Squarespace. The migration wasn't painless, but I like the results. I think my blog looks beautiful.

Why Squarespace and not WordPress.com?

While WordPress.com would have been familiar territory, I chose Squarespace because I wanted some level of flexibility in terms of what I could add to my site. WordPress.com and Squarespace are very limiting compared to a self hosted site. However, I believe that I will have more lee way with Squarespace than WordPress.com.

While it isn't WordPress fault that I got hacked, I decided to make the change primarily because I don't want to deal with the hassle of self hosting. WordPress is still a great platform.

Should you be Worried about Hackers and Malware?

If you are using WordPress.com, the answer is not likely. If you are self hosting, the answer is not so simple. Do everything within your power to secure your site. Always update the WordPress software and all your plugins. Monitor your google output for random post links and articles.  As for me and my blog, we are comfortable resting in the arms of Squarespace. 

I need a favor

One of the downside of relocating to a different platform is that I lost the ability for all you good WordPress folks to get my post every time it gets published. If you followed my blog via the native WordPress follow button, please resubscribe to my blog using the sign up form.

This post will not be complete without a shout out to Jumoke of The Good Naija Girl blog. She served as my sounding board throughout the entire migration process and also my first audience through the design process. Show her some love by checking out her blog here

There you have it guys. Work Smart Nigeria (formerly The Versatile Nigerian) now lives on Squarespace. I am excited about the move and look forward to writing great content for my awesome readers. 

Professionally yours,