Africa’s most populous nation and largest economy has a youth unemployment problem. In Nigeria, nearly a quarter of the population is out of work and 20 percent is underemployed.

For young people aged 15 to 35, the figures are grim: 55.4 percent of them are without work, according to AlJazeera. According to Vanguard, over 300,000 corps members are mobilized yearly to join the unemployed population. Given the scale of Nigeria, it’s a challenge not just for Nigeria, but for Africa.

The type of education required to leave a smart, fulfilling life with soft and hard skills that are globally in-demand are usually not acquired by students while in tertiary institutions. Hence their inability to fit even for the “little jobs available”

This sad development is both worrisome and burdensome, especially against the backdrop of the fact that no nation rises above the quality of its human capital. There is a need to finding a lasting solution to this especially in relation to becoming one of the world’s strongest economies.

WorksmartNG is preparing unemployed youths in Nigeria for job readiness by equipping them with skills required for a fulfilling career and connecting them to job opportunities.

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To break the cycle of unemployment in Nigeria by empowering youths to be employable..

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