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Monale Alemika

Hello! I'm Monale

Welcome to Work Smart Nigeria: My little slice of the internet filled with career advice and tips I wish was available to me when I graduated from University. The inspiration for the site came from my own struggles and challenges starting out in the marketplace.

I remember graduating from Babcock University and wondering what next? Unlike the few geniuses out there, I didn't walk into the job market with a clear idea of what I wanted to do. It took a bit of trial and error to finally realize what I enjoyed doing (read about that here). 

Having worked with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and lectured at the University level, I use my career story to inspire young Nigerian professionals who are starting out in their professional journey. I created this space to have honest conversations about careers and how to put your best foot forward in the workplace.

My day Job

I'm a communications and marketing professional at an executive recruitment firm that helps mission-driven organizations and universities find talented leaders. I absolutely love my job because it allows me to engage in meaningful work, while exploring the world of career development and recruiting.